police woman shot dead
Agartha Nana Nabin, the deceased

The husband of the policewoman who was killed by suspected armed robbers in Tamale is yet to come to terms with the reality of his spouse’s murder, saying “I still don’t believe that my wife is dead.”

Speaking after the gruesome killing of his wife and looking visibly heartbroken, Paul Nabin said, “It has not been easy for me; it’s almost 24hrs after the incident and I still don’t believe that my wife is dead.”

The widower was lamenting over the death of his wife when the acting IGP visited the bereaved family in Tamale shortly after the incident.

Wondering how he was going to cope with bringing up the three daughters she left behind aged seven, five and two respectively, he lamented, “This is not what we planned and we didn’t know she would die prematurely and leave the children for me to take care of them, and I pray that God will give me strength to handle everything.”

Giving a testimony about his wife, he described her as lovely, calm and respectful woman.

“I haven’t regretted marrying her because she has been a very good pillar in the family and a source of inspiration to us,” he said.

Cpl. Agartha Nana Nabin was shot dead at a police checkpoint on the Tamale to Kumbungu road in the Northern Regional capital.

Suspected armed robbers alighted from a car after the driver was beckoned to stop and one of them fired at the woman killing her instantly. They made away with two weapons from the crime scene even after one of the deceased officer’s colleague fired at them futilely.

Arrests In Tamale

Five suspects have been arrested for questioning over the murder of the policewoman, DAILY GUIDE has learnt.

The law enforcement officers involved in the operation fired and wounded one of the suspects during the operation on Thursday evening.

The operation was conducted by a combined team of cops from Accra and their Tamale counterparts leading to the retrieval of the stolen weapons from the crime scene where the female police officer was killed.

Also recovered from the room of one of the suspects were camouflage uniforms reportedly used by the criminals when they killed the woman.

It is yet to be established whether or not the operation was facilitated by a tip-off especially after the police announced a bounty of GH¢10,000 for information that would lead to the arrest of the suspects.

The acting IGP during his Tamale visit promised that the police would leave no stone unturned in searching for the perpetrators of the heinous crime. The promise appears to have been fulfilled.

Source: Daily Guide