Choosing the right baby name takes a long time.

Often parents spend months choosing the perfect name for their little one, and if you have twins, the process can be even tougher.

There are a lot of places to take inspiration from – such as your favourite film, departed relatives or even your favourite book.

One woman who loves the novel Charlotte’s Web recently shared her chosen baby names with her sister.

But she didn’t react well and the pair have fallen out over the thorny issue.

Taking to Reddit, the woman’s sister asked for advice on whether she should have kept her mouth shut over her sister’s choice of name.

She explained: “So my sister is pregnant with twin boys which is awesome! She’s always wanted to be a mum but spent her 20’s teaching in Asia so when she found out she was pregnant everyone was extremely excited for her.

“Well yesterday she announced the names she’ll be using and that is where things take a turn.

“For baby one, she is going to name him Oliver Lee. That’s a decent name right?. Baby two is going to be named…Wilbur Felix. Like the pig off of Charlotte’s Web.

“When she told me I tried to be supportive with #1 name but when she asked me about #2 I was honest. I don’t think it’s a good name, or at least not a good first name.

“I think he will be bullied in school, especially if he’s a little chubby. I told her that I think it would be better as a middle name: She could call him it as a nickname or whatever and he wouldn’t be bullied in school.

“She told me that I was being a jerk and that it’s a very nice name. That he definitely won’t be bullied because a lot of kids these days don’t even know what Charlotte’s Web is.

“I told her that she could of course name him whatever she wants as it is her kid, but it’s setting the kid up for being teased when she could just give him a normal first name and use it as a middle instead.”

People were divided, with many thinking neither of the sisters had acted wrongly.

One commented: “For her, I don’t blame her for being upset. For you, well, she did ask you. I think it’s good to think at least a little bit about potential bullying.”

Another said: “Wilbur is such a common name? And your sister is right, kids won’t know. There are a million things “Wilbur” can be connected to. I didn’t get the connection until you pointed it out.”

A third added: “Your reasoning is fairly valid. Wilbur is a fairly old-style name, and book, movie and TV references for a name are one or two internet searches away. All one kid needs to do is connect Wilbur to a pig, and the cyber-bullying will begin.”