• NPP man, Kennedy Agyepong, says his eccentric nature is affecting him negatively within his own party

  • He has predicted electoral doom for the NPP in subsequent elections if the trend continues

  • He has accused government appointees of repeating the errors of the NDC including the unnecessary use of sirens to the chagrin of Ghanaians

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Maverick politician and member of the New Patriotic Party, Kennedy Agyapong, is not happy with how he is being treated by his party.

Kennedy Agyapong says his vociferous nature as a social commentator has caused him several opportunities and contracts within the party.
According to the darling man of the NPP, most of his colleagues are driving through traffic while he is always stuck without even a police escort.
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Speaking to the media, Kennedy Agyapong revealed that his mouth and vociferous nature seems to be affecting him negatively.
“NPP big men and women who were condemning NDC over traffic sirens, today they are all over the place with sirens disturbing Ghana.
Now they are enjoying it… But for me, me – Kennedy Agyapong, every day, I am in traffic. I am in traffic! Because of my mouth! Yes, Because of my mouth”, the lawmaker lamented.
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Kennedy Agyapong has been a staunch critic of his party since it took office after winning the 2016 elections.
Mr. Agyapong made allegations against some unnamed presidential staffers indicating that they demanded a minimum of $20,000 from persons seeking to see the president before allowing them, a comment that has been widely criticized by the party.
He also warned against the level of corruption in the party, predicting how the party could lose upcoming elections if not checked.