Gifty Kuleke is a mother of two and a hawker on the streets of Accra, the single mother has revealed how she suffered early child marriage, and how her husband almost killed her.

According to her, she was young, perhaps in her teens, when they gave her to this man to marry.

The two stayed for years and eventually gave birth to two.

“We have two kids together, but currently we are no more” She told SVTV Africa.

Gifty revealed that, the husband at point told her in the face, he is no more in love with her hence must find someone else.

The wife hearing this, was not pleased so she informed both families and the issue was settled amicably; making the two come back.

Adding that, as mother and wife, she has suffered more physical abuses from her former husband; and he almost killed her in one, but for the intervention of her husband’s brother.

“After we settled the issue, he will now go out for different women.

This continued for sometime, until he finally packed his things and left me with the kids.

It’s been over 12 years since he left us, but had never been back or even called to check up on us”. She lamented.