A woman left struggling to breathe after her boobs ballooned three cup sizes in two years feels like “a new woman” after having reduction surgery.

Renee Smith, 24, says she began buying bras when she was still at primary school – and as she reached adolescence, she tried everything to make them smaller.

Suffering horrific back pain due to the weight of her enormous breasts, Renee started seeing a chiropractor and hired a personal trainer in the hope losing weight would reduce the size of her breasts.

But despite losing eight inches off her waist, Renee’s chest only grew bigger.

Eventually the pain became so severe that Renee couldn’t breathe, forcing her to go to A&E.

When doctors examined her, they discovered a cyst in her spine.

“I had an extensive list of health issues that my breasts caused me,” she said.

“I was suffering from a lot of lower back pain, achey shoulders and neck, which progressed into sharp shooting pains, as well as divots in my shoulders from bra straps.

“My MRI showed a cyst on my lower spine pushing up against my nerves.

“I started talking about it with my personal trainer and my chiropractor and they both kind of came to the conclusion that maybe my back pain was coming from the weight of my breasts.”

In March 2021, Renee was referred by her GP for breast reduction surgery – but had to wait until December before going under the knife.

Living in America, she used health insurance to cover the cost of the op and paid an extra £810 from her own money.

Renee said: “I had an instant feeling that I could breathe easier. I literally felt like a whole new person.

“For some women, working out and living a healthy lifestyle does decrease your breast size.

“For me, none of that mattered. I had grown three cup sizes within close to two years.”

She added: “Almost all of the tissue that was removed during my reduction was in fact, glandular.

“I had almost 3.5lbs removed of glandular tissue.”

Now Renee is loving her new body and splashed the cash on a new wardrobe to show it off – while donating her old clothes that no longer fit.

She said: “My breasts were taking over my whole upper body. All of the room in my tops were just filled with boobs.

“They are perkier than ever [now]! I feel like I finally have the body I deserve to have.”

After having surgery, Renee has shared her story on TikTok where people have been supportive of her decision.

One person commented: “That looks so much more comfortable! Congratulations!”

Another said: “You looked beautiful both ways but now you are literally glowing and I can see your relief through the screen, so happy for you pretty girl!”

Renee said: “I want people to know that they have someone who supports and loves them if they are interested in pursuing the surgery.”