Sensational High life artist Kofi ‘B’ known in real life as Kofi Boakye has condemned the use of condoms during sexual intercourse.

In Kofi B’s estimation, the use of condoms is against the Christian Faith.

He has also revealed that he doesn’t use condoms for the same reason of being a Christian.

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“It is a sin to withdraw sperms during sexual intercourse and wearing condom blocks the sperm from entering the woman’s vagina to produce children. God punished Onan in Genesis 38:8 for withdrawing his sperm during sexual intercourse so I am seriously against wearing of condoms,” he preached.

The Bantama Kofi Boakye singer was speaking with the host of Ofie Kwanso, Jerry Justice on Adom FM.

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He also chastised the current crop of musicians for allegedly writing songs he describes as “noise”.

He is particularly worried that the current crop of musicians can hardly perform live, a situation he said was killing the industry.

The noise is becoming too much in the music industry and unfortunately the younger ones seem to appreciate the noise instead of the highlife which has a lot of life’s pieces of advice to learn from,” he opined.

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He, however, commended young musicians, Eugene and Kidi for being very respectful and has promised to guide them towards the right directions, if need be.