The Minority Chief Whip, Muntaka Mohammed Mubarak, has questioned the dedication and commitment of almost half of the 275 members of parliament to the work of the legislature.

According to Mr Muntaka, most of his colleagues are not committed to their work and only use parliament to serve other interests.

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He disclosed this when speaking on Accra based Starr FM while analysing the U.S Midterm elections.

“You cannot put your hand on 150 members of parliament who are dedicated and committed and always in the house to do the work. This is because; the constituents think the good MP is the one who is able to dish out to them so most members of the House have resorted to engaging in other businesses so they can continue to meet the financial demands of their constituents,” he explained.

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“My wife always tells me I see the chamber empty why are you always in a hurry to go there,’ the legislator revealed

Some lawmakers have expressed similar concerns in the past and called for the main political parties to protect the seat of experienced legislators during internal elections in order to ensure the growth of the House.



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