Nana Awuku, a sixty three (63) year-old man at Adweso in Koforidua has revealed that his mother, Abena Asantewaa exchanged his soul with blindness for her witchcraft.
According to him, on January 5, 1979 he realized that he could feel like his eyes were covered with pieces of thread and could not see clearly. So he went to Koforidua Regional Hospital for checkup and the Doctor told him that his eyes have been shattered into pieces.
Speaking on Bryt FM, Nana Awuku continued that, he went to Korle – Bu Teaching Hospital for further eye screening to clear his doubt.
Eye specialists at the Korle – Bu Teaching Hospital confirmed that indeed there was a problem with the eye with the tendency of becoming blind.
He told the host of the program, his mother later directed him to see a Prophetess for a message that she (mother) would not be able to tell him.
“I went to see the Prophetess as my mother instructed. The prophetess told me that, my mother has told her (prophetess) to tell me that she used she is a witch and responsible for his eye problems.
The devastated and faint looking old man hinted that, he was shocked when the Prophetess informed him that his mother has to kill him for spiritual sacrifice since she is a queen in the spiritual world.
But the suborned and hard hearted mother decided to make him visionless instead of killing him for sacrifice.