Well-known for saying “President Robert Mugabe does not sleep, he only protects his aged eyes from the bright lights”, presidential spokesperson George Charamba has been humiliated by First Lady Grace Mugabe while Mugabe appears to be dozing off.
The first lady accuses Charamba and several other people of fanning conflicts in the ruling party.
A clip posted on Twitter of ageing president Robert Mugabe shows him being led to his seat – and there’s no mistaking his 93 years.

Mugabe is shown taking hesitant steps onto the podium for a rally in Chinhoyi on Saturday.

This is so heartbreaking. Why are they doing this to Mugabe. 👇🏿👇🏿

Amid cheers, the longtime Zimbabwe president appears to lean on an aide. He then sits gingerly down on a leather sofa as his wife Grace places his hat back on his head.
He’s then shown with his eyes closed and head nodding – though his officials will no doubt dispute that he’s actually dozing. Previously his spokesperson has claimed Mugabe is merely resting his eyes, which are fragile after cataract operations.
Tweeted Zimbabwe publisher Trevor Ncube: “This is heartbreaking. Why are they doing this to Mugabe?”
At the rally Mugabe said doctors were amazed with his health.
“I said it’s through God’s grace,” Mugabe said.