The Chief Executive Officer of Paul Gee Films Production, Mr. Paul Agyei has fired back at actor and politician, Clement Bonny for describing him as the most ignorant producer in Kumasi.

According to Paul Gee, he is surprised about the description given to him by the actor.

Weeks ago, Clement Bonney known on screen as Mr. Beautiful descended heavily on film producer, Paul Gee labeling him as ignorant in the film making business.

‘’Most of the film producers in Kumasi are not professionals especially Paul Gee and Osewus, they lack the professional will to produce movies on the market,’’ he said at the time.

Mr. Beautiful in an interview said the film industry in Kumasi is at the siege because of the numerous trash that are being produced by the likes of Paul Gee and Osewus.

But in a response on Peace FM, Paul Gee said Mr. Beautiful has proven that he is rather ignorant about the film making business.

According to him, as an executive producer he can’t be held accountable for any unprofessional product because he only does the investment aspect of the film making.

‘’ Beautiful has displayed his ignorance because I only invest my money in the movie and the director employs other crew members so if you want to talk about professionalism you can not include me as an investor’’ he asserted.

“Beautiful is very arrogant and that is causing his ‘demise’ in the industry. ‘Beautiful has become very arrogant because he is well connected in government ‘’ he added

Paul Gee further tagged Mr. Beautiful as very disrespectful and rude actor. ‘’ Beautiful had not won an award before until my movie Ama Ghana won him best actor supporting role at Ghana Movie Awards .

Paul Gee told sit-in host AK 47 that Mr. Beautiful is ungrateful after all he has done for his career.