In a video making the rounds on social media, Ghanaian actress, Moesha Bodoung is captured in an airport with Ghanaian fastest rapper Sarkodie.
This seems not to be so cool with some social media users and they just can’t keep quiet about it.
In the video, Moesha is seen chatting heartily with Sarkodie when a man, probably a fan of the “Highest” musician interrupted to have a brief talk with him.
The caption accompanying the video suggests that Moesha wants to make a transit from Dubai to Iraq to meet some men there and so followed Sarkodie.
The caption reads: “When [you] heard Kuwait got [the] highest currency in the world, [you] decided to follow Sarkodie to Dubai for the concert so [that] [you] can run to [the] [Arab] men for money. Moesha! Ghana won’t sit down for u to go n bring Bomb to our country wai! ……….Sarkodie sack Moesha please; yoooo.”
This caption has triggered a lot of reactions from some Instagram users.
Some say she is wearing pyjamas in the video.
According to one user, Moesha is now “MTN, everywhere you go”, implying that she just follows others around.
While some are accusing her of throwing herself at Sarkodie, or doing “Ahosheshe” as it is said in the local parlance, others are defending her saying she went to Dubai on her own.
One person wrote, “You and this your Moesha……lol… why do you worry her like that?”
Another user posted “Following is caring”
Still, another wrote “Moesha the visa free girl. Luv her die.” looks forward to Moesha clearing the air soon on her actual purpose at the ‘Dubai Airport’.