The Millennium Development Authority has postponed an ECG privatisation conference after it emerged it could face contempt of court charges.

The MiDA programme, described as a Bidders Conference for six entities shortlisted after many companies expressed interest in managing ECG, had been scheduled to come off Monday, October 31.

After learning of the conference, a private citizen Saaka Salia, who sued over the planned privatisation of the ECG, said he was shocked by the move.

Saaka Salia threatened to cite MiDA which is fronting the concessionary plans and three other defendants for contempt.

This is because his case at the High court resisting the agreement to give out ECG on concession for more than two decades, is yet to be determined.

In that suit, Saaka Salia has accused MiDA of scheming to take over the statutory job of the PURC to fix tariffs contrary to law.

According to him, if the planned privatisation goes through it will mean private economic interest will have the final say on how much consumers pay for power.

Saaka Salia also wants the court to declare that PURC “is the body with exclusive mandate by law to provide guidelines for determining tariffs and levels of tariffs, and in doing so in the manner prescribed by Act 538.”


Read Saaka Saia warning to MiDA


Dear Sir,
It has come to my notice, rather shockingly, that you, a defendant in the case I filed impugning the ECG PSP, have slated a bidder’s conference for Monday 31st October here in Accra.

This is in blatant contempt of court as an injunction is pending in court against defendants from proceeding with or in any way whatsoever dealing with or participating in any processes touching and concerning further activities or dealings with the ongoing PSP in ECG processes in proposed Concession for the Management of, Operation of, and Investments in the Electricity Distribution Business of the Electricity Company of Ghana Limited, until the case has been determined.

All four Defendants have been served with the injunction application filed earlier this month and a first court attendance to argue matters slated for Wednesday 2nd November 2016.

Please be guided that recently the Electoral Commission suspended receiving nomination fees for the 2016 elections when it was served with similar processes. It only called for those fees after the court had heard the application and dismissed it.

You are cautioned against this act in trying to overreach the courts of Ghana and treat them with disregard as you did and the Energy Commission accused you of forging its logo, and the PURC also accused you of usurping its mandate in the PSP process.

Be reminded that the courts attention shall be duly drawn to this contemptuous act and all those participating cited for contempt.