The Head of Communications at the Mental Health Authority, Kwaku Brobbey has said that, the inability of the Authority to fully implement the dictates of the Act, passed in 2013 is due to a lack of funds.

He said, the Legislative Instrument (LI) which is supposed to determine a clear cut source of funding for the Authority has not yet been finalised by Government, and until that is done, the Mental Health Authority cannot fully implement all the contents of the Act to improve Mental Health in Ghana.

Kwaku Brobbey was speaking to Adom News in response to a call by the Ghana Federation of the Disabled on Government to fully implement the Mental Health Act to improve the health needs of their colleagues who are mentally disabled.

Mr Brobbey believes the concerns raised by the federation can best be addressed when the LI is passed.

“Government has passed the mental health act and we are grateful but the LI will determine the money that government will have to levy but since that has not been done, it has become very problematic and so if the LI is passed, it will go a long way in helping the mental health of Ghanaians” he stated.