Founder and Leader of Parliament Chapel International, Apostle Francis Amoako Attah says there is a lot more to marriage than having children.

He condemned the attitudes of Ghanaians who harass newly weds with issues of babies just a few months after marriage if they bore no child.

“Marriage is not a factory for producing babies,” he said on the Ete Sen segment of Adom TV’s Badwam morning show.

The attitude, according to him, has put Africa in its present state and is not helping.

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According to the apostle, s£x is supposed to be a seal for marriages apart from the vows and kisses at the altar.

He noted s£x is also food for the soul and married couples should not be deprived of it, lest they put each other in despair.

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He said the desperation caused by s£x deprivation is the reason for the deaths of most middle-aged people.

He went on to say that marriage is God’s law and it is only through s£x that marriage is really sealed, adding that babies are not the main priority.


  1. …An invasion of privacy or defining what married people chose to do, is not for matters of opinion and should be respected by any man. Besides, Catholicism’s Cesare Borgia as Jesus is nuts, and was not prescribed by God’s Word, nor was Religion, which deviates from the teachings of the Scriptures, but is Sunday’s avariciousness.

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