Chief Executive Officer of the Accra Psychiatric Hospital and Chief Psychiatrist, Dr. Akwasi Osei has warned of the usage of marijuana – saying it causes infertility in men.

It does not only cause mental disorders and other health related problems but goes a long way to destroy the semen of men, hence causing infertility.

According to the renowned Psychiatrist, there is a part of the human brain that functions by motivating the entire body to do well and excel, therefore in the usage of the cannabis plant, that part of the brain is attacked resulting in its retardation.

Dr. Akwasi Osei’s explanation stems from the fact that more often than not many people live under the notion that marijuana enhances or gives intelligence, makes you smart and skillful.

Speaking to Maame Korea in an exclusive interview on Obrempong Ahyease on Sunday , he noted that “wee” is detrimental to the youth in particular those in the twenties as that part of their brains mature with some speed.

And so anytime they use the Cannabis plant, they get on the path of destruction thwarting their great progress by dropping out school and becoming rogue on the streets.

He also lamented how some men have succeeded in luring their wives and girlfriends in smoking marijuana and using it in different ways. Some women even support their husbands in using the drug.

He however mentioned that those ladies who are involved in using marijuana are in the few minority. Aside the mental disorder that the populace are very much aware of, Dr. Osei said it has other complications hence we must be careful.