A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth will still be struggling to put on its shoes–so its extremely significant to set the record straight and not let a scurrilous attack go unanswered.

This is exactly the case of veteran actor Prince Yawson aka Waakye who has set the records straight to reports that he is impotent. It would be recalled that, razzonline.com reported that a doctor at the 37 military hospital had advised Waakye who suffered a partial heart failure to abstain from having sex and doing any form of hard work.

This publication by razzonline.com created elephantine controversies in the showbiz fraternity as some radio stations and other news portals according to Waakye misquoted what was ealier reported by razzonline.com.

Speaking with Dr Who on Hot 93.9Fm in Accra, the seasoned actor, Waakye who was extremely fumed revealed that, “I just don’t know if it’s because people can’t read or its just a deliberate agenda to tarnish my image…other stations and some news portals have reported that am impotent and that doctor s said i should’nt have sex again…this is ridicoulous… It’s a lie”,

According to Waakye, though the doctor advised him to abstain from sex, it’s temporal: “See when you are even suffering from fever or any other sickness, can you have sex? No!–so the doctor advised me not to do any hard work and you know having sex takes a lot of energy, so he advised me to abstain from it till I’m fully recovered”, Waakye explained with much pain.

Divulging on why he is very potent, the veteran actor candidly told Dr.Who that,”You see, what makes a man potent is this; your manhood must erect at dawn…when your manhood doesn’t erect at dawn then your manhood is dead…And i experience this every dawn…Oh yes, my manhood erects every dawn”,

Upon persuasion to reveal the time at dawn when he normally experiences this, Waakye quickly accentuated that,”I’m very strong…My manhood is strong like that of a horse…i normally experience that my manhood had erected at around 2am which i even experienced it this dawn.

Waakye who shot into fame during the popular TV Drama series “Obra” and later starred in movies like ‘Ogboo’ ‘Man Woman etc,advised the media to be circumspect in their reportage.He is currently divorced with two children.