Controversial musician and sympathiser of the New Patriotic Party, A Plus,  has described the Mandatory Towing Levi policy as bogus and useless.
The musician in a Facebook post indicated that some members of the New Patriotic Party and the opposition National Democratic Congress are behind the push for the passage of the towing levy into law because of their parochial interest.
According to him, the Mandatory Towing Levi policy is just a way for people to create, loot and share the country’s resources.
He indicated that the country voted for hope and change and that all attempts to siphon monies into the pockets of some individuals will be resisted.
“Why should people pay for towing services, if you pay light bill you are charged for street lights yet our streets are dark, no single street light works as if that is not enough you want to add more levies to it, it won’t work”.
He called on all stakeholders to resist any attempt by the government to steal monies from them.
A Plus suggested to the government to rather institute a short code to text to anytime a vehicle breaks down in order to get the owner of the vehicle to pay for it to be towed.
“So anyone whose car breaks down and he is,  for example around Achimota, you text your car type eg, articulator followed by the location, Achimota, and add tow to it so that immediately a towing car will be dispatched to your location to tow then you pay, that is how it should be…why should you make it mandatory for everybody, is not fair,” he quizzed.
He said he put his brand and life on the line to get the New Patriotic Party to win the elections in order to salvage the sinking fortunes of Ghana and will therefore not sit and watch while some people draw the party’s name into the mud.


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