A man narrowly escaped being kidnapped after he fell into the den of pseudo-police kidnappers.

According to a popular Nigerian actor who shared the story, his friend was approached at a checkpoint by the seven uniformed men who demanded his documents.

After successfully providing every necessary documents, the policemen – though finding no fault with him – insisted he followed them to the police station.

He is said to have obliged, but he smelt foul play when they ordered him to move to the backseat while they drive his car.

After declining, a confrontation ensued and some of the police officers hopped into his backseat and coerced him to drive while others followed suit in a black car.

The victim’s survival instinct kicked in and he deliberately crashed his car into an incoming vehicle. It was then the black car made a U-turn and sped off.

The pseudo-officers, in a video captured, engaged the man in a wrestle before witnesses came to his rescue.

They were all marched to the police station where they narrated their stories and the alleged kidnappers were locked up.

Video below: