Relationships can be wonderful, but they can also turn sour pretty quickly.

One of the worst examples of this is infidelity, with some choosing to betray the trust of their partner and stray with someone else.

Often the way people find out about an affair is heartbreaking, something which has been illustrated in a thread on Reddit.

Men and women have taken to the Ask Reddit forum to respond to the question ‘Men and women of Reddit who caught their significant others cheating, how did you do that? And what was your reaction?’

And it’s fair to say a number of the replies will make your jaw drop!

One person shared what they thought was the “worst” affair story ever – though it didn’t happen to them personally.

They told how their friend had returned home and walked in on his wife cheating with his father.

They said: “Worst one I know of is an acquaintance of mine, came home from work one day and found his missus having sex with his dad.

“That blew up all over Facebook, and became a local drama fest where people tried to organise a shunning of the dad and missus.

“I remember it well because, well… I know people cheat, but with your partner’s father? Come on…”

Her husband was having an affair (stock photo) (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

A different person shared their own tale, writing how her fiancé snuck another woman into the house to have sex in the guest room, while she was asleep next door.

“I owned a house with my fiancé. I woke up in the middle of the night and he wasn’t in bed,” she claims.

“I went searching. His truck and another vehicle were in the driveway. Then, I went upstairs and found the guest bedroom was locked. After barging my way in… I found him with another woman in bed. That bed happened to be my childhood bed.

“He forced me out of the room… literally grabbed me by the neck and pushed me out and closed the door back. I knew I couldn’t do anything at that point, so I called his parents who lived a few blocks away. His dad showed up and another fight broke out. I ended up leaving and staying with his parents until dawn.”

She continued: “I moved out that weekend and let the house foreclose. Nine years later… it’s finally off my credit report, I’m happily married to an amazing man and we own a beautiful home together.”

Another woman explained how a stranger broke the devastating news to her on her door step.

She said: “June 1, 2018. Normal day. A Friday. My husband had kissed me goodbye and gone to work. I was cleaning the house for company who was coming to stay the weekend. The doorbell rang.

“There was a man at my door who introduced himself as the husband of a woman who my husband worked with. He was there to tell me that my husband and his wife were having an affair.

“He had busted them about six months prior and had told his wife that she had to end the affair. He thinks that she did end it… for about three months, but then they started up again. When he found out they were at it again, he called my husband. On the phone, he told my husband to leave his wife alone or else he would come and tell me everything that was happening. Apparently, my husband thought that he was bluffing.”138208672551

The woman added: “So I was literally the last to know. My husband never came home again.

“He got an Airbnb and a lawyer. The divorce was December 21, 2018. We had been together for 24 years. Still hurts.”