A 24-year-old man has run into trouble with the law for threatening to kill his own father over a mobile phone.
Yakubu Abukari was said to have chased the father out of the family house with a cutlass – forcing him to spend the night with a neighbour.
For doing this, he has been ordered to spend three years in prison in hard labour.
The Juaso Circuit Court presided over by Mr. Yusif Asibey, handed down the punishment after he pleaded guilty to the charge of threat of death.
Police Detective Inspector Princeton Peasah Darkwah told the court that the incident happened on March 23, this year, at Juaso.
Abukari, a welder, had gone to town about 1900 hours, leaving behind his mobile phone on a wall in the house and the father decided to put it a safer place.
The young man returned at about midnight, would not understand why his phone should be removed from where he had left it and started threatening everybody.
The father brought out the phone and asked that he came for it but he refused, insisting that, the old man walked to him with phone.
He would have none of that and there was a heated argument between the two.
The prosecution said Abukari’s mother, uncomfortable with what was going on took the phone to the son but he would not collect it from her and remained adamant that the father brought it himself.
Amid the confusion, he rushed into his room, came out with a cutlass and chased his father out of the house.
A formal report was made to the police the next morning and he was arrested.