Dealing with the Land guard menace
Dangerous land guard butcher residents

Residents of Adomako in the Ashanti Region witnessed a bloodbath when an unidentified man unleashed attack on them, Sunday.

The suspect, believed to be in his fifties, raided a home of palm oil extractors and inflicted deep wounds on 58-year-old Adwoa Mansa.

Madam Mansa’s screams reached the ears of her mother who came to her rescue and she was not spared the torture either.

Her mother is said to have fallen unconscious after receiving three slashes to her back and hand while madam Mansa had an amputated left hand and a badly wounded right hand.

It took the effort of madam Mansa’s elder brother to overpower the suspect and marched him to the district’s police command.


It was there that the police revealed he was on their wanted list for slashing three others prior to madam Mansa and her 75-year-old mother.

However, the suspect has been granted bail on the defense of insanity while the mother and daughter are receiving treatment at the hospital.