A 46-year-old man, Stephen Nortey, has claimed that he sleeps with virgins in order to make money.
Nortey claimed on Koforidua-based Byte FM that he was introduced to the ritual by Togbe Atsu, a spiritualist at Suhum, according to a report by ultimatefmonline.com.
He said his mode of operation was to lure the virgin girls with gifts and use a special handkerchief given to him by Togbe Atsu to wipe off the blood that comes out of their private part after sleeping with them.
He said later, he would drop the handkerchief into a pot which is meant to produce money after he recites some incantations.
Nortey said each time he did that, he earned GH¢10,000. The ritualist said if he wanted dollars, he made a snake given to him by the fetish priest enter the private parts of the girls and that he could make $50,000 in a day.
Nortey said he had been doing that for 12 years and had so far used about 30 young virgins.
He told the radio station that all the 30 girls would not give birth to children because the ritual rendered them barren.
He said he wanted to quit the practice but had been warned by Togbe Atsu that he (Nortey) would die if he attempted that.


  1. after destroying the precious lives of innocent children, he is scared of death.. hmm i have nothing to say let nature take its cause.

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