File photo: Pregnancy test

A lady who has reported her relationship ordeals anonymously revealed that her boyfriend fled from their relationship after she pretended to be pregnant.

The lady made the shocking statements about how her boyfriend treated her to a popular Facebook relationship advisor by name Abena Magis Manokekame.

According to the young woman, she and her boyfriend started dating in May 2017 not long after she got a job and started receiving salaries.

Just after the dating started, the young man began to demand money from the lady. Being a cheerful giver, the unsuspecting lady gave him a huge loan which she had to suffer bitterly for.

The young woman indicates that she took loans from two separate banks, Ecobank and Dalex, which were both deducting money from her monthly salary. She had to live on 150 cedis a month because of the deductions.

The gentleman who was supposed to pay the money back always had one excuse or another.

When his actions were becoming too suspicious, the lady chose to play a pregnancy prank on him to see how he would respond.

According to the lady, the man stopped any form of contact with her from the very day she told him of the pregnancy.

Two months later, the lady texted him that she had terminated the pregnancy and the next moment, he was back with excuses that he had travelled.

Reports indicate that the two lovers are no more together but the gentleman is yet to settle his debts.