It is rare to find people going on the streets to bathe, clean, clothe and feed mentally retarded people, but that is what Emmanuel Annobil has taken upon himself as a life career for the past 18 years.
So far, through his Brothers Keeper Refining Home, he has done so for at least almost some 1,890 mentally retarded people across the country.
He and his team go round in a van and do this on daily basis with funding from his own pocket and from some Good Samaritans.
They bath for the mentally retarded people right on the streets in the glare of the public, give them fresh clothes and feed them as well.

Emmanuel Annobil and his men bathing for some mentally retarded person on the streets

Emmanuel said he feel called by God to do so and that is what he has been doing for the past 18 years in spite of grave opposition from friends, family and even random people on the streets.
He is currently one of ten participants in the current season of MTN Heroes of Change, gunning for a prize money of GHC100,000 to take care of more mentally retarded persons.
Emmanuel told Adom News Reporter Kofi Nkansah that so far at least one person, a woman, has come back to her senses through their intervention and she now sells sachet water.
He said he has been mocked by his own family and neighbours for doing this work, adding that his children wanted him to quit because their school mates tease them, but he refused to stop.
According to him, his next target is the Volta Region but his van has broken down so he would be pleased to get support from individuals and philanthropists to continue his work.
Emmanuel said he recently got a parcel of land at Kasoa to build his dream home for mental patients, but the chiefs of the area are refusing to give him the documents even after he has paid for the land.
“I have handed over the case to the Lands Ministry to intervene and ensure speedy release of the land because a Good Samaritan has promised to help us build the mental home if we secure the land,” he said.