The State prosecution has called its first witness in the trial of Major Maxwell Mahama, WO 2 Kwesi Sebi of the 64 Infantry Regiment, Gonja barracks in Accra.

According to WO2 Sebi, he was part of the team, Major Mahama was leading at Diaso.

He revealed that on the 29th of may 2017 he was sitting on the veranda of the quarters they were living in at Diasu when Major Mahama told him around 8:30 am that he was going for a walk.

WO2 Sebi added that the late army officer always took the right route but on that fateful day he turned to the left and said he (Major Mahma) that day would like to go farther.

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He revealed that Major Mahama was wearing a track suit and T-shirts with boots.

Shortly the CEO of Canada Ghana mining company, also known as C and G mining company, Mr Donald called him to ask if they were all home and he told him some had gone for duty and the rest are home apart from Major Mahama who had gone for a walk.

Mr Donald asked him to call him and he kept trying but it was not going through.

The third time Mr Donald called he told him someone has been shot, so he got frightened as he still could not reach Major Mahama

He, therefore, went for a pick up from Mr Donald and drove together with four soldiers and a civilian to the Dunkwa Government Hospital and was told a young man has been shot and was receiving treatment, so they went to see him but it was not him.

Another nurse told them an armed robbery had been shot and killed and was at the morgue.

They got to the morgue and here was Major Mahama naked with some parts of the body burnt, he added that he couldn’t stand it so left the morgue.

Major Mahama was lynched in Denkyira Obuasi in the Central Region after the residents suspected him to be an armed robber when the found a pistol tucked underneath his dress.