The 2016 PNC Presidential candidate Dr. Edward Mahama is set to call a party meeting to officially inform his party of his appointment by the NPP government as an Ambassador-At-Large.
He told Joy News’ Joseph Ackah-Blay in an interview Tuesday, he will seek to convince his party that accepting a job from another political party is not the same as betraying his party or its ideology.
The PNC leader is facing internal opposition from party’s national chairman Bernard Mornah and General Secretary Atik Mohammed over the job which they say puts the party’s flagbearer in NPP’s pockets.
But the five-time presidential candidate wants his party to have a nationalistic view of his new role.”People misunderstand the role I am going to play”
More than once in the 15-minute interview, Dr. Mahama took pains to stress his motivation for accepting the post.
“I am not NPP ambassador or PNC ambassador, I am ambassador for Ghana” “My ideology is not PNC my ideology is Ghana”.
“I am not joining NPP I am still PNC. In fact, I am the leader of PNC”, he emphasised his post does not mean he is selling out the PNC, but rather selling Ghana to the world.
He expects the meeting will vindicate him as a PNC dyed-in-the-wool party leader who nonetheless believes the political winner must not take all the posts.
The big-believer in an all-inclusive government said the post came to him without any personal effort to get an appointment.
“I didn’t lobby for it”, he said and revealed that in an interaction with President Akufo-Addo, he told him “there is something in his mind that he wants me to do”.
His response was that the Ambassador-At-Large is ” an opportunity to serve God and Ghana in another capacity” and gave his consent.
“I said well, I will be glad to work with him….I am grateful to God and to the president”.
He said this is the first time in his political career that a government has offered him a post.


  1. Hahahahaha, I think Nana is just trying to compensate all those who struggled for power like him but were not lucky to get it in the 11th hour of their political career. He was very lucky. He nearly missed it…!! The CJ is one such persons, the Speaker of parliament is another, and now the Ambassador-At-Large……I believe the list continues non stop.
    Paa Kwesi Ndoum, the PPP leader had a chance in Kuffour’s government so may not be considered this time round…… but all the other old folks will be considered.

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