Moesha Boduong, the embattled Ghanaian actress cum Instagram model who was recently taken to the cleaners when she stated on CNN that the only way for a Ghanaian woman to survive is to date a man even if it’s a married man no problem, has landed self in another drama. a while back published the before and after photos of the popular Slay Queen to prove that indeed the huge tundra behind Moesha is actually all fake.

When Ghanaians were outrage with her CNN interview, veteran Ghanaian actress, Grace Omaboe popularly known as Maame Dokono revealed that even the butt Moesha is using to snatch people’s fathers is actually fake.

Maame Dokono in an interview said:

“Moesha’s butt is even artificial because I have heard that she had to go through surgeries to have it like that and instead of doing something meaningful for yourself, you rather using your butt to sleep with men for money. It’s a bad practice”.

Well, we have all been vindicated! Moesha’s own best friend, Abena Moet has exposed Moesha big time.

Abena Moet who is a regular guest at Accra Based Okay FM during Abeiku Santana’s show stated emphatically that not only has Moesha been under the knife to enlarge her butt and ass 3 times, she actually did it in Ghana at Doctor Obengfo’s clinic and not in the USA as many people keep saying.

Moesha Boduong’s friend went on to talk about how she occasionally goes to the clinic for a checkup and she is always aware when she goes in.

Coming from such a close friend, well, all the allegations can be laid to rest because it’s now an established fact!