Former national chairman of the National Democratic Congrress (NDC), Dr Kwabena Adjei says he is very happy that Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has been elected President of Ghana.

To him, Nana Addo’s age [72years] makes him an endowed person with lots of experience to lead the country.

“I’m happy because he comes with a wealth of experience that will help and then a certain respectability from the elder people,” Dr Adjei said in a radio interview on Wednesday night on Accra based Starr FM.

Speaking to Bola Ray on his Starr Chat programme, Dr Adjei talked about varied issues, which in his view resulted in the defeat of the NDC in the 2016 Elections and how he lost his position as chairman of the party after leading it for 9 years.

To him, delegates of the NDC allowed their conscience to be influenced with money and hence they voted him out since he was not prepared to offer them money, something he said if not stopped, posed a great danger to the democracy of the country.

He said President Mahama for instance surrounded himself with “inexperienced” appointees who thought that people like Dr Kwabena Adjei was too old to be playing a part in the NDC’s campaign.

”Now it is like, he is too old, he is 74, so we the young ones must take over. You [Bola Ray] the young one sitting here if I ask you the history of Ghana, you will not be able to tell me,” Dr Adjei asked.

Following from this comment, Bola Ray asked him whether he was happy that President Akufo-Addo was in power.

His response was “Yes! I’m very happy because, you go to the net, [internet] and find out the number of leaders in the world, from 90 down… Mugabe, Queen Elizabeth right down, Trump is there, Buhari is there, I’m happy Akufo-Addo is in, he is my age, I’m older than Akufo-Addo by a few months.”

Following this, he also said he was not surprised that the NDC lost the election and that the party was certain to lose the elections after delegates failed to re-elect him [Adjei] for another term as chairman of the party.

“I wasn’t surprised [the NDC lost]…because when they [delegates] voted me out in Kumasi they voted the party out. It was a done deal [that the NPP will win]. I am not superstitious but I came to the party with my own style…and I had a way of relating to the people.”

Dr. Adjei popularly known by his peers as ‘Nkonya Terminator’ a.k.a. ‘Wayo Wayo’ said members of the party cut him out of the party’s campaign machinery and was prevented on several occasions from meeting the president to advise him on how to handle things.

“Nobody involved me in the campaign, I involved myself…no I wasn’t invited…I tried to get access to the President and I didn’t get access, when I noticed things were going wrong, I tried and tried and tried but I didn’t get access so I mobilized myself…and did what I could do,” the 74-year-old said.

source: starrfm