The chief justice nominee, Sophia Akuffo has argued before the appointment committee of parliament that she finds no fault in the traditional gowns and wigs by Supreme Court judges.

Taking her turn in what has been seen as a very exhaustive vetting; Sohpia Akuffo revealed that the attires of Supreme Court judges will “never be changed”. Sophia Akuffo answered various questions bothering her familial relationship to the president and also the controversial release of the Montie 3.

According to Sophia Akuffo, she remains “not comfortable about being called upon to justify a judgment that we have delivered, but in general terms, concerning the scope of the exercising of the contempt power or labeling something to be contemptuous, I believe that each case will dictate the outcome.” The chief justice nominee will closely follow the footsteps of her predecessor, Georgina Wood as the second female chief justice of Ghana.

What this means is that she would be most powerful woman in one of Ghana’s arm of government and oversee judicial matters of national and international concern. The choice of Justice Akuffo follows the retirement of Georgina Theodora Wood who since her appointment in 2007, served as chief justice for over a 10 years.