Husbands must not just use words to express their love for their wives, but demonstrate that by honouring them with their money, Pastor Mensa Otabil has advised, adding that wives can do same for their husbands.

Teaching his congregation about giving in the church, the founder of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) said: “Love gives, love shares.”

“Now everybody who is married here understands it, especially the men; you can’t just go around telling your wife: ‘Sweetheart, my sugar, my honey’, giving her all those words and not show it.

Pretty soon your wife is going to say: ‘Where is the love?’ These days because women, too, can do what men do, you also don’t tell your man: ‘I love you, you know I love you.’ Show it! Because when you say you love somebody, men if you tell a lady, ‘you know I love you sweetheart, you know I love you babe,’ or whatever you call them these days, ‘I love you’, where is the money? Love must be followed by giving. Don’t just do mouth mouth. You must show it.

“… Maybe you were young, you were broke and you want the girl, then you can use words: ‘You know I love you babe …’ but when God blesses you, don’t use words, you use money because you have the money.

“So you come from work and you just see your wife and say: ‘You know I bought this nice Louis Vuitton bag for you, I was just thinking about you, I was just passing by the shop and I just said: ‘let me surprise you.’ I’m telling you, you don’t need to say: ‘I love you again’, the bag has said it.

Or ‘I saw this nice fragrance and I bought it or I saw this nice shoe … and I bought it’ … Believe you me, after you do that, the love is clear. How do we know? It’s no longer speech, it’s action…” Dr Otabil said.