London man speaks Twi

Some Ghanaian diasporas were left speechless when a London man communicated with them in fluent Twi while they enjoyed a bus ride.

The unidentified man contributed to a conversation his seatmate was having with another African man, a video posted on social media captured.

Rather than the English he was expected to speak, the elderly man spoke Twi as he revealed he learnt the Asante language during his stay in Ghana.

“I know Secondi very well, I’ve been there,” he answered a curious passenger who asked if he has toured Cape Coast.


Aside the Twi language, the London man revealed he could speak Krobo, but not as fluently as Akan.

On how he managed to speak despite relocating for a long time, he said he tries his possible best to speak to Ghanaians on a daily baisis, as and when he meets them in the foreign land.

Video below:

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