Lodge Tavern
Lodge Tavern

On the beautiful-but-winding road that leads from Ghana’s capital, Accra to the Eastern region stands the historical monument, the Peduase Lodge.

The monument is the location of a Presidential summer residence built and first used by Ghana’s first President, Dr Kwame Nkrumah which was later used as the official residence of President, Edward Akufo-Addo in the second republic.

Standing on the hilltop where Peduase is located, is a contemporary home of relaxation known as the Lodge Tavern, a quintessential lodge that one can hardly drive past without noticing.

The greenery that greets patrons of Lodge Tavern

Lodge Tavern is the new home for minds seeking peace and tranquility as it boasts of everything and anything serene.

Over the last few years, persons who have climbed the Aburi Mountain in search of fitness have had the added benefit or perhaps bonuses of enjoying Lodge Tarven’s greenery and exquisite hospitality that awaits them.

As though inspired by the supernatural to provide a home to the weary, be they drivers or keep fitters, the owner of Lodge Tavern Thomas Hayford, has been warming hearts with his personal desire to soothe tired legs and minds with what has become a de facto point of relaxation for those plying the winding and hilly Aburi road.

Inside Lodge Tavern stands a broad grill area where fresh birds – guinea fowl, chicken, goat, pork and rabbit – are served very spiced and hot.

Lodge Tavern’s grill area

Attached is a well-stocked bar as well as a wine shop for those seeking to quench their tests and forget the hassles of a long-and-tiring day.

Beneath the beautifully stocked bar is functions room meant for events of all kinds.

“It is a special area where people can book and have their functions in peace and without having to worry about intrusive and unwarranted noise,” Mr Hayford said of the basement-like functions room of Lodge Tavern.

On the Eastern wing of the establishment is a developing lodging facility of many rooms that are expected to become fully operational before the end of the year 2020.

“Soon, we shall make your traveling more fun than it has ever been as this lodging facility will hold you for your nights away from home,” Mr Hayford explained.

“The idea is to make your travel from the Eastern to Greater Accra region or vice versa more memorable and risk-free,” he added.

The developing lodging facility

While the Lodge Tavern is lightening patrons’ worlds up, its owner keeps improving services as much as he is making additions to the already magnificent hospitality establishment.

“Soon, I’ll add a ‘Point-and-Kill service,” Mr Hayford informed us on our last visit.

‘Point-and-Kill’,” is a service that affords customers the opportunity to point at a live fish, usually mudfish, in its natural habitat for onward preparation and consumption.

This is the next service you should expect on your next stop at the Lodge Tavern.

Lodge Tavern’s parking area

In a world that is struggling to feed its people with natural and organic food, the Lodge Tavern is replete with much organic stuff as it serves its guests with purely organic citrus or oranges as they relax.

For those traveling to Ghana for the first time, do recognize the fact that your journey will be incomplete without a visit to the quintessential lodge besides Ghana’s presidential lodge at Peduase.