File Photo: L-R: Medikal and Strongman

Social media should expect more drama as rappers Strongman and Medikal haven’t considered smoking the peace pipe yet.

The two have engaged in a rap feud that has got fans on their toes awaiting every single record they put out to make a judgement.

Yesterday, social media was inundated with their two songs that got many patrons awake, listening to know who climbs up the ladder per who gave the strongest punch to their opponent in terms of lyrics.

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Their feud knows no bound as Medikal last night released ‘The Last Burial’ at around 10 : pm to bury Strongman’s career. (below)

In response, Strongman released ‘Immortal’ at 10: am, Sunday, June 23, 2019, which is currently trending on social media app, Twitter.

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Adom FM created a poll this morning on its Facebook page to allow the public to vote on the matter and will soon publish the results.

Source: | Dennis K. Adu