The Minority in Parliament is demanding an immediate withdrawal of the 100 percent increase imposed on BOST margins on petroleum prices.

The Minority spokesperson on Mines and Energy, Adams Mutawakilu, is accusing the National Petroleum Authority of usurping the powers of Parliament by unilaterally imposing taxes.

Per the directive, the controversial BOST margin which currently stands at 3p/litre or some cumulative 10,200,000.00 from consumers is to be increased by 100% to a new rate of 6p/ litre or some cumulative 20,400,000.00 from consumers based on current conservative estimates of some 340 million litres of fuel consumed monthly.

The UPPF component also gets increased by 4.7% or 1p from the current 21p/litre to 22p/ litre or some 3,420,000.00 cumulative monthly.

But, the Minority says if the withdrawal is not done within a week, they will contest the increment in court.