Marijuana plant

A Rastafarian has debunked claims by the Narcotics Control Board (NACOB) that some youth smoke marijuana mixed with dried faeces.


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Lord Rampa said such baseless comments are part of a grand scheme to impede their call to legalise marijuana known as ‘wee’ in Ghana.

His comment follows a revelation by the Upper West Regional Head of NACOB, Issahaque Bakuri, that the youth smoke dried faeces with marijuana and also soak used sanitary pads to drink.

This exposé took many by surprise and many stakeholders have called on the government to enact a law to fight all forms of drug abuse in the country.

This call, Lord Rampa, said is a vindication of his claim that, NACOB is making things up to scuttle their call for marijuana to be legalised in Ghana.

“Marijuana is not that scarce for the youth to mix it with faeces. Nobody in his right mind will do that combination,” he said.

The marijuana advocate said such false claims from professional bodies like NACOB rather go to tarnish the good image of Ghana to the international community.

“What they are saying is going worldwide and the international community will think we live like animals,” Lord Rampa opined.

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