coronavirus face mask

In the news today

Many new cases of COVID-19 are reported daily

Who are those who make up these numbers?

Journalists, parents, children, actors, lawyers, doctors, farmers, students, grandmas, grandpas, caterers and more.

COVID-19 is a real bother now

Some businesses have collapsed

Some schools have been closed

Many borders closed

People are stuck in places they never imagined they’d be!

Our healthcare personnel in the hospitals have been hailed for some time now

They’ve cared for people sick from COVID-19 and other ailments

The numbers of people with COVID-19 has, however, soared

This means the battle ground is now in your community

It means your neighbour might have it

Your favourite paternal aunt may have it

You might have it as well

Who has the power to end this pandemic?

You and I


Why you?

Because by masking up

You protect yourself and the other members of your community

I can’t breathe when I put on the face mask

Try COVID-19

When will the borders open?

Dear sir, dear lady, when you start wearing your facemask and observing the other COVID-19 prevention protocols.

When will we start having large functions again?

When you mask up

Yes the face shields look trendy

Your flawless make-up will show

Only problem is once you catch COVID-19

You may be too ill to care about making up.

We know face masks help reduce the spread of the Corona virus

Mask up everyone

Protect yourself

Protect us

Let’s outlive this pandemic together

Join us please.

Dr Hilda Mantebea Boye

Mrs Louise Abena Akosa

July 2020.