Students of the University of Ghana especially residents of Akuafo Hall are demanding enhanced security following the attempted murder of a female student.

This follows the stabbing of a female sandwich diploma student at the Akuafo hall by her alleged boyfriend in the Akuafo Main Hall P Block, Room 12.

The suspect came stabbed his alleged girlfriend several times on the neck until she was unconscious after suspecting she was cheating on him.

The victim, Zara Hussein, sustained a deep cut in the neck after her lover, named Musah, stabbed her with a broken ceramic receptacle.

According to reports, Musah who is not a student after trying tirelessly to reach the victim on phone decided to come to her on campus.

When he arrived, Zara was said to have stopped him from entering the room but he insisted following which she allowed him in, only to find another man in her room.

Suspecting that Zara was cheating on him, Musah attacked the other man following which a heated argument ensued.

Zara is said to have backed the other man which angered Musah. He rushed out of the room and returned with the broken receptacle with which he hit and stabbed Zara.

Students came to her rescue and arrested Musah who tried to escape when he realized that Zara had become unconscious.

Zara was rushed to the University of Ghana Hospital, while Musah was arrested by the University Security and handed over to the Legon police.