Richmond Xavier Amoakoh plays Lawyer Nti in Kejetia Vs Makola series

Actor Richmond Xavier Amoakoh, popularly known as Lawyer Nti, has hinted he would be retiring as a lawyer on the Kejetia vs Makola series.

In a post on Instagram, the actor revealed his decision follows careful consideration and a lot of thought.

He said he would, however, not be leaving his seat empty or his “cherished ‘crients’ high and dry.” He disclosed the new actor, ‘Mr Eventuarry’ will take over his job in the series.

Posting a picture of ‘Mr Eventuarry’, he wrote “welcome to the honourable profession of wits and laws my learned friend.”

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The actor shot to fame as a lawyer on the popular court comedy series. Many fans came to love and know him as Lawyer Nti.

Although he could not express himself well in English, Lawyer Nti refused to speak in his native language, Twi, unless he was explaining something he had quoted in Latin. 

He is notoriously known for taking on ‘foolish cases’ and bringing them to the court. He has been sent to jail for misbehaving in court and also for one of his cases. The lawyer has also received some lashes from the ‘punisher’ for his behaviour in court.

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Lawyer Marcelo (right) played by Clemento Suarez and Lawyer Nti (left)

His language, demeanour and cases were not the only things that brought laughter to viewers, Lawyer Nit hardly presents a case without gloves on and also loved mixed up colours when dressed.

Many of his fans are, as expected, not happy with the decision. The show airs on Joy Prime on Saturdays and Sundays at 5:30.