The controversy about whether or not late popular herbal doctor, Grace Boadu, owner of Grace Gift Herbal Hospital had a child has been put to rest.

Bother of the deceased, Emmanuel Boadu claimed his late sister has a daughter who lives in Belgium.

He described as unfortunate the lies on social media about the circumstances leading to Dr. Grace Boadu’s death.

“The fact that you are from the same hometown as the deceased does not make you her family member. All these claims are not true. The family has not sat down to officially address the public. Don’t pay heed to anyone parading themselves as Dr. Grace’s uncle, sister, brother, and so on” he stressed.

Emmanuel, who is the Deputy CEO of the Grace Gift Herbal Hospital, also revealed that the deceased’s mother and daughter would soon arrive in Ghana to initiate the necessary funeral arrangements.

“My mother, Doc’s mother, is in Belgium and not America as people are saying. She and Doc’s daughter are in Belgium. They will soon arrive in Ghana so the family can come together and brief Ghanaians on all they need to know. The family will hold a press conference to address the rumours on social media,” he said in an interview on Angel FM.

Until then, Mr. Boadu urged the public to await their official statement and charged them not to believe any unauthorised sources spreading false information.