File photo: Woman crying

A lady has narrated how she travelled for 18 hours to see her boyfriend only to meet his girlfriend at his one room apartment.


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According to @seyishae, she had no other choice than to sleep on the floor while the guy and his main chick slept on the bed that night.

She shared on Twitter:

“I remember getting into a long distance relationship with this guy that didn’t even really slap hard.

“I traveled 18 hours just to see this nigg* and 10 minuets after I got to his place, his GIRLFRIEND showed up unannounced. Worst day of my life!. Men are scum.

“He stayed in a one room apartment. The babe said she wasn’t going anywhere and I couldn’t just up and leave cos I didn’t know my way around.

“Long story short, I had to spend the night in that same house. They slept on the bed and I spent on the floor.

“I cried all night…”

Source: Kemifilani