Some farmers in the country are demanding further consultations in determining the required procedures to participate in the planting for food and jobs initiative.
The farmers have expressed grave concern over the conflicting requirements in the various regions across the country.
Some have also cautioned of boycotting the scheme if they are not engaged to explain the requirements of the projects.
Speaking to Citi Business News on the matter, Country Director for Social Enterprise Development (SEND) Ghana, George Osei Bimpeh said government should make it a point to explain any changes it has made with regards to the procedures for participation.
“Well I think that the ministry should do more than it has done already to communicate any changes that have been made with regards to the planting for food and jobs initiative”.
He added that farmers are currently in a state of confusion over the procedure and are not fully aware of the changes that have been effected.
“At the moment farmers are living with the initial information that was given to them and this information has sank so well in their minds, so if government has made changes like the decision to relax the law which initially required a farmer to have 10 hectares of land in order to register for the initiative, the ministry will have to do more to communicate it to people for them to know that there is no hindrance to access the programme,” he said.
He stated that it will be important to explain the terms to farmers, since the success of the project will depend on patronage.