Abdul Malik Kweku Baako

Editor-in-Chief of the New Crusading Guide newspaper, Abdul Malik Kweku Baako, has called for the December 7 referendum halted.

Mr Baako feels the prospects for December 7 referendum and the rationale and philosophy behind it appears to be in tatters.  

“If I had my way I will say defer or abolish this referendum; let’s stop it because we are not building a national consensus behind this project like we did with the regional ones in spite of people’s reservations, “ he told Accra-based Peace FM, monitored by Adomonline.com.


He added that knowing Ghana’s history and politics, the initiative will not help the nation adding that it will create an imbalance in the security structure of the country.

“Before 2000, I was one of the people who was advocating strongly for the elections of the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assembly Executives (MMDCEs) on partisan bases,” he revealed.

“Post 2000, something happened and some of us began to revise our decision; we are a unitary state and if we are not careful and we cause a certain imbalance relative to the intelligence and the security structure, it may lead to a situation we might not be able to control,” he said.

Mr Baako added that there is a  huge contrast between having a party in government and opposition party members handling affairs at the local level.

“So why will we vote for a party whose government is not in power and it’s members handling the district, metropolitan and metropolis level security? That’s an obvious blueprint for chaos; that is the stand I have,” he added.