Kwashiorkor and Edema have topped the list of disease doctors attend to at the Princess Marie Louise Hospital, also known as Children’s Hospital in Accra.

It follows a case study conducted by the Administrative Secretary of the hospital, Hannah Addison.

A child suffering from kwashiorkor has a swollen head; protruding tummy, drastic weight loss and light reddish hair.

It is caused by lack of proper nutrition. A child who is denied a balanced diet risks contracting the disease.

Edema, on the other hand, is caused mainly by salt retention in the body. It involves accumulation of fluids in any part of the body, resulting in booting and swelling of the feet or head in children.

Madam Addison who received items presented to the hospital by make-up artist, Ruth Maadjoa Ntow-Otchere, indicated high mortality rate at the hospital can be reduced if parents give their children balanced diet.

She added regular check-up is also essential to preventing such diseases that hamper physical and emotional child development.

Madam Addison further urged government to support the hospital to activate its newly-furnished block which remains dormant due to lack of doctors.

She says number of doctors would ensure improved healthcare for the people and also less pressure on the limited number of personnel in the hospital.

Madam Maadjoa Ntow-Otchere who is Chief Executive Officer of Glow, Ruth Maadjoa Ntow-Otchere, emphasized balanced diet for children in order to save medical cost.

 She also urged the public to reach out to the vulnerable in society.

The food items and toiletries donated by the make-up artist were contribution from well-meaning people under her ‘’Glow for Change’’ initiative.

Madam Maadjoa Ntow-Otchere stated, “good nutrition is key for a child’s growth and parents or guardians have to make it a point to give their children that… balance diets that include a lot of protein, carbohydrates, fats, and mineral can save parents the agony of their children suffering in the hospital”.

Source: Adom News/Emmanuella Ablah Aforkpah

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