Joselyn Dumas known for many glamour movies is not happy about Kumawood moviemakers not casting her for their productions.

The actress in a chat on Peace FM disclosed that she has expressed interest in Kumawood movies but nobody is giving her roles.

According to her, she has told Nana Ama McBrown several times that she wants to feature in any of the local movies but producers do not consider when planning their films. She made it clear that no producer from the Kumawood side has ever called her for her to even reject it.

When asked if she has been knocking at their doors, she passionately answered, “I have. There is a guy called Ike who gets deals from Kumawood. Anytime he mentions my name when this opportunity comes, they give him excuse so I get sidelined there. It breaks my heart because I speak Ga and Twi and I want people to know another side of me many people do not know.

All this is because of a perception out there that we think Kumawood is not good but that is not true at all.”