A High Court judge in the Ashanti Region capital Kumasi has been burgled Monday dawn, raising security concerns.

Justice Senyo Amedahe’s home in the suburb of Danyame is said to have been attacked partly because the police officer detailed to protect him was allegedly absent.

Joy News’ Ashanti Region Correspondent Erastus Asare Donkor reports that laptops, an undisclosed amount of cash and some important documents were stolen by the burglars.

“The residence is secluded building in this area,” reports Erastus.

A razor blade was used to cut the net covering a small window of a room belonging to the House Boy, providing access to the burglars into the main residence.

cut window

“We do understand that sometime after the break-in the Watchman found the bag of documents stolen from the residence under one of the mango trees [in the vicinity],” he said.

Erastus reports that Police are tight-lipped on the extent of the investigation into the break-in.

“They have not named the policeman who was supposed to be on duty,” he said

The bag of documents found under the mango tree still has also not been moved, according to Erastus.

However, it is not clear if all the documents are intact.