Though medical practitioners have been critical of the high concentration of the locally prepared ‘Akepteshie’ particularly the damage it can cause the liver and the risk of alcoholism, yet highlife singer K K Fosu prefers it to any other alcoholic beverage.

The artiste on Saturday during an interview on Kasapa FM, disclosed that ‘Akpeteshie’ has always been his favourite because it is locally distilled and without impurities.

“I love Akpeteshie because it’s locally made and pure. There are no chemicals in it but I wouldn’t promote drugs in take. I needed to stop because I was advised and more over it wasn’t good for my health. I’m a family man now, I’ve kids and I have to focus on their future in order for them to have a better life.”
K K also revealed how he tried marijuana several times in his life.

“I do take in alcohol and my favourite is ‘Akpeteshie’ but the only high drug I ever did was marijuana and that was a long time ago but I don’t do it anymore.” He also stated that the fact that he likes local alcohol (Akpeteshie) doesn’t make him an addict, adding that  individuals must limit the in take of alcohol because it’s the biggest drug which is affecting health which people don’t pay attention to.

Akpeteshie is an alcoholic spirit produced in Ghana by distilling palm wine or sugar cane juice. Other names for this drink include apio, VC10 as well as numerous other less than flattering names. It is technically a brandy and a member of the aguardente family.

Akpeteshie is not professionally bottled or sealed, but instead poured into unlabeled used bottles.

The name “akpeteshie” was given to the drink with its prohibition: the word comes from the Ga language – Ape te shie – the act of hiding spoken in greater Accra and means “they are hiding,” referring to the secretive way in which non-European inhabitants were forced to consume the beverage.