Most Ghanaians have become used to the many controversial statements Counselor Lutterodt makes whenever he appears on TV or on a radio show, but no one perhaps was prepared for his latest comment.
In what appeared to be an interview on Okay FM’s ‘Ofie Kwanso’ with Abeiku Santana, Counselor Lutterodt has revealed that the King James Version of the Bible is for homosexuals and Rastafarians and it is not original because it was not translated directly from the Greek manuscript.
The Reverend Minister who frantically tried to explain his position to the host Abeiku Santana said people should use the New International Version (NIV) because that was translated directly from the Ancient Greek manuscript.
“King James Bible is not the original manuscript, the translation was made by a gay, so if you want to read the bible and understand what it is about, use the NIV, new international version, that is direct from the Greek word. Anytime anybody is reading King James, they read it so that it will fill their whims and caprices, so Gays, Rastafarians and those who want to do their things use King James”, he said.
The Counselor advised that Christians should use the NIV side by side with King James for a better understanding of the word.


  1. What the so called counsellor is saying is totally false.I don’t know why the media still gives this man chance to deceive and say things that are bad. KJV of the Bible is not for gays.It was translated correctly.Is he wiser than GOD or what. The reformers and the revivals of old used it and they made an impact.Lets us be wise and stop listening to him.

  2. I pity that foolish man who is an agent from the satanic kingdom. Does he know that some verses in the NIV Bible have been omitted especially those verses which talk about fasting and Healing. Let him compare King James and NIV Bible verse by verse in the New testament whether he will not find the omissions I am talking about. Give us a break.

  3. This counsellor needs counselling but this time he is trending on dangerous ground. Saying this about the Holy Bible and most especially an authentic version as King James Version is blasphemous. He’s calling doom for himself.

    • lol, IT’S JUST ANOTHER BOOK..Translated so many times, it’s lost most of it’s meaning.. No wonder the Europeans love African, all they have to do is say ” here is MY holy book, read it and be safe”, and yes I need your land, cause the good book says ” the provider in heaven will help”, in the meantime, I will live the life of a KING and your a beggar, don’t worry your reward is coming, in heaven..what crock, and yes King James WAS a HOMO, but that’s is not why I object… The bible was stolen from Africa and the Greeks, is was badly translated, sometime deliberately… you don’t need a Bible, just pray from your heart

  4. I don’t trust this fella. In searching the WWW I found Wikipedia article which was rather informative.
    excerpt: the New Testament was translated from Greek, the Old Testament from Hebrew and Aramaic, and the Apocrypha from Greek and Latin. Of course there are always reasons to doubt Wiki but I think this excerpt is very likely correct.

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