Former Western Regional Minister, Paul Evans Aidoo, has bemoaned the commitment of the Ghana Police Service in dealing with the spate of the many unresolved kidnappings, especially Takoradi.

According to him, revelations by the 28-year-old Nigerian, Samuel Udoetuk-Wills who is suspected to be in behind the kidnapping of the girls in Takoradi shows the police are not on top of issues.

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Mr Aidoo’s comment comes after the suspect claimed he was aided by a police officer to escape from cells last December.

Willis revealed in court on Monday that a police investigator helped him break away from police custody, saying he could identify him even though he does not know the name of the said officer.

The former regional minister believes the attitude of the police is uncalled for and therefore should not be entertained.

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“There is something wrong with our police institution and if care is not taken, it can disturb the peace we are enjoying in the country. How can a whole police aid a criminal who is supposed to be punished? Where did we go as a country” he quizzed on Neat FM, monitored by

To buttress his point, Mr Aidoo revealed how he was frustrated by the police when he was robbed some years ago.

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“My car was stolen and this matter happened some years ago. Even after identifying those who stole my car, the police still gave me a sleepless night failed to help me,” he noted.