Great sex doesn’t have to end as you get older … it can even get better!

Getting older can be scary. Things don’t do what they’re supposed to, and things don’t stay where they’re supposed to stay.

Sad fact of life.

And with all the commercials we see for Viagra and the frustration that can come with having sex after 50, it can be scary to think about it.

But that’s no reason to ignore what happens to us, sexually, as we age. Because your body does change and as such, so will your sex life.

But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing … in fact, it can be a great thing!

In our latest Expert video, Senior VP of YourTango Experts Melanie Gorman asked a group of our relationship Experts what a couple can expect from their sex lives as they both age?

The responses from our team of Experts — Eli Mayer, Ian Kerner, Lewis Griggs, and Sue Butler  — offer answers to three major questions about sex after 50.

So let’s get right into this!

What are some of the sexual changes your body might experience as you age?

Some sexual changes might include lower sex drive, erectile dysfunction(ED), sagging boobs, dry vagina and a bunch of other things.

That does NOT mean you should stop having sex!

There are 80-year-olds out there having sex lives that would make a 21-year-old blush. Seriously.

Age isn’t a problem.

Just like in puberty, your body is going through changes and, eventually, you got used to the changes.

Same thing here. It might some time to adjust to these new changes but there are plenty of websites (and therapists!) out there who can help teach you how to have the amazing sex at 50, 60, 70 or older that you did at 20.

What should you do when you start to go through these sexual changes as you age?

Yes, you might need to take a pill, or see a sex therapist or use more lubricants.

But the most important thing is to communicate.

If you can’t get in the mood because of your low libido or dryness, tell your partner; don’t let them think it’s because you’re no longer attracted to them.

Both of your bodies are changing, and there’s no shame in it. But you can’t expect the other person to know what’s happening if you don’t tell them.

Only then can you find a way together to keep the passion alive.

What, if anything, can you do now to make it easier to have sex later in life?

Be adventurous. Therapists are finding that the couples who are more sexually adventurous in their youth are more prepared for the changes that aging will bring them.

It makes sense. After all, they’re used to trying new things and experimenting to find what works for them.

The most important thing to remember that age is just a number.

Yes, your body is changing. But those changes can either stop your sex life in its tracks or help you find a new way to express your love and create an ever deeper and more meaningful bond in your relationship.

It’s all about how you look at it.

Source:Your Tango