Joy News’ Investigative journalist Manasseh Azure Awuni was Wednesday evening involved in an accident at the GIMPA road, between GIMPA and the University of Ghana boundary walls.

He was turning into the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) campus when a speeding taxi cab, overtaking the vehicle behind Manasseh’s, rammed into his Hyundai Tucson.

Manasseh was trapped in his vehicle for about a minute  before other drivers caught up in the accident came to his rescue.

He sustained minor injuries on his head and left shoulder.

Speaking to, Manasseh said he left the office at about 9:00 last night and headed to GIMPA to pick up someone.

On reaching the students gate of the school, he slowed down, indicated traffic and attempted to turn in when there was no oncoming vehicle.

But before he could say jack, a speeding taxi from behind him rammed into his car.

The taxi was badly mangled but the driver escaped with minor injuries.

The police were called in to assess the situation.

Manasseh was subsequently taken to the Legon Hospital where he was medically examined and declared fit to go home.

He was advised to return to the hospital Thursday for further checks to be absolutely certain that he is perfectly fine.

Earlier Thursday Manasseh posted on his Facebook page, “I went home last night without my car, but I’m happy I woke up with my life intact. I thank God for my life. It could have been a different story. I was turning to left and had duly indicated that. A speeding taxi overtook the vehicle behind me and violently slammed into mine. That force pushed my car backwards about 30 metres away before it halted. I sustained minor head and shoulder injury, which doctors say are not acute. They will confirm from the scans that will be running. I feel better this morning. Thankfully, the taxi driver was not hurt.”

In a related development, Joy News’ Raymond Acquah had his Hyundai Sonata vehicle rammed into by a trotro Tuesday morning.



  1. Praise praise praise be unto our God Almighty. eeeeeeeeeeei Ghana anka y3 b3 y3 d3n nie oooo Mannaseh? We thank God papa. But his one di3, you know how we can relate this to those hunting you but hey some of us are we really praying for you guys who speak for the voiceless in Ghana. God will perfect the healing process in Jesus Name.

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